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Sam's Park High School Classroom

Sam’s Park High School follows the Uganda National Curriculum, where students sit the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) exams at the Ordinary (O-Level) and Advanced levels (A-Level).

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O- Level Curriculum

Ordinary level is one of the the formal education options for learners who have completed primary education.

Learners join Senior One having successfully passed the Primary Leaving Examinations(PLE) and embark on a 4-year cycle covering the Lower Secondary or O- Level (Senior 1 - Senior 4).

Ordinary level curriculum leads to the award of the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE). The curriculum menu at this level is in the form of subjects and a learner is expected to offer a minimum of 8 subjects and a maximum of 10.

Subjects taught at Sam's Park High School:

English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Literature in English, Commerce, Economics, Art, ICT, Divinity, Luganda.

A- Level Curriculum

The Advanced secondary level of education curriculum leads to the award of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) and takes a period of two academic years to complete. The curriculum is offered as a set of specialised subject combinations. A learner offers a combination of three Principal subjects and two subsidiary subjects.

Sam's Park High School offers a variety of combinations in both Sciences and Arts. Combinations are agreed upon at the time of admission.

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