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Student Life

Student Leadership- We endevour to develop leadership skills in our students. The prefects at Sam’s Park High School play an integral role in organizing students and assisting management to run the school well.

Dormitories -   There are two dormitories at Sam’s Park High School. Divine House and Benson House for the girls and boys respectively. The dormitories provide a comfortable and safe environment for learners. Dormitories are supervised by matrons and wardens.

Sickbay Sam’s Park High School has a fully-fledged sickbay with a 24 hour qualified resident nurse available. The sickbay offers the first line of treatment and when necessary, sick children are referred to higher health facilities with prior information to parents in all cases.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) With the advent of COVID 19 in 2020, the school has adopted and implements the Ministry of Health SOPs.

Career Guidance and Counselling Sam’s Park High School prioritises guiding students on their future careers based on their strengths and opportunities. The school management, alumni and other professionals in the field have been key in this activity. In addition, the school also provides counselling services to strengthen the integrity and moral values of the students in line with Christian values.